You found Chloe Mikala’s website. 10 points for Gryffindor!

Chloe Mikala is an actor and comedian who recently relocated to Chicago and just in time for winter. Fun!

She has a passion for new works, having been apart of several workshop productions and world premieres. She was most recently seen in the world premiere of Matt Minnicino’s A Misanthrope at Avant Bard Theatre.

She also just recently premiered her first superhero short film The Fallen, which screened at Comic Con: San Diego earlier this year, and wrapped her first feature film Re-Elected.

In between being a thespian, you can be sure to catch Chloe performing stand up or on her podcast Two Broke Bitches for which she is the co-creator/co-writer.

Fun Facts:

Chloe is an avid sports fan. If she’s not talking politics or art, she’s talking sports.

Chloe believes that cats are better than humans, and is also a proud Ravenclaw-Slytherin Hybrid.

Chloe wants you to remember that you too can prevent wildfires.

Thank you for coming to her TED talk.