A Misanthrope at Avant Bard Theatre | Photos by DJ Corey Photography


On the set of The Fallen | Photos by Chip Somodevilla

Fallen 1.jpg
Fallen 8.jpg
Fallen 11.jpg

The Burn at The Hub Theatre | Photos by DJ Corey Photography

Burn Photo 7.jpg
Burn Photo 9.jpg
Burn Photo 4.jpg
Burn Photo 6.jpg
Burn Photo 2.jpg
Burn Photo 1.jpg

Sing to Me Now at Rorschach Theatre | Photos by C. Stanley Photography

STMN Photo 1.jpg
STMN Photo 2.jpg
STMN Photo 3.jpg
STMN Photo 4.jpg

To Tell My Story: A Hamlet Fanfic with The Welders | Photos by Teresa Castracane Photography


45 Plays for 45 Presidents at NextStop Theatre Co. | Photos by Lock & Company

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Prez 4.JPG

Lear at Single Carrot Theatre | Photos by Britt Olsen-Ecker

Lear 2.JPG
Lear 3.jpg

2017 Source Theatre Festival | Photos by Teresa Wood Photography

Source Emperor Web 1.jpg
Source Threat Web.jpg
Source Threat Web 3.jpg

The Well of Horniness at Iron Crow Theatre | Photos by Tyler Lyons Photography

Well of Horniness photo.jpg
Well Photo 1.jpg
Well Photo 2.jpg